Clothing and accessories

Cycling has more options for clothing and accessories than perhaps any other sport in existence!  The links below will provide basic and intermediate knowldege about each item, in order to help you get what you need.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Sizing in cycling gear varies considerably.  Try before you buy if possible, or at least check the manufacturer’s fit guidelines.  As a general rule of thumb, European brands (Giordana, Castelli, Assos, Etxe Ondo, etc.) generally run at least one size small compared to North American brands (Pearl Izumi, Voler, Craft, Performance, etc.)  Also, the European fit is much more “skin tight” than we Americans are used to, so be aware of that as well…  (I must admit, though, once you try a European-fit jersey, your American-fit ones will seem sloppy and baggy!  My 2XL Assos jersey fits me much tighter than any XL US brand, but I’ve grown to appreciate the better fit…)


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