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I’m an engineer by day and bike enthusiast in the early mornings and on the weekends.  I played basketball for over 35 years before deciding it was getting too hard on my body and I needed to find some other form of exercise!  (As an engineer, you don’t get much exercise sitting at a desk all day!)  So, some friends convinced me to try cycling and the rest is history!  I think I’ve found something I can do for the rest of my life!

I’ve only been riding “seriously” for just over a year, but it has been a tremendous learning process.  I found it very tough to get some of the basic information you need to get into cycling, so I thought I’d start a web site to help others who were getting into this sport.  Hopefully I can help you get through the learning curve a lot more quickly than I did.  Also, maybe I’ll be able to help those less technical than I am, who are probably intimidated by the plethora of equipment and tools necessary for this sport!

I live and ride in Tucson, Arizona, one of the top cycling communities in the US.  We have many miles of wide bike lanes and areas to ride.  Plus, our climate allows us to ride year-round.  (Although we do have to get up REALLY early in the summer and put on a few layers in the winter). 

Thanks for taking a look at my site – I hope you find it enjoyable and helpful! 


NOTE:  Please comment on the pages as you see fit and/or ask for more information.  If you’re too shy to comment, please send me an e-mail at cody@bike-advice.com



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