The equipment is one of my favorite parts of cycling!  I’ll admit, though, I’m an equipment junkie (some might say geek!) – I like all kinds of equipment:  audio, video, photographic, automotive, etc. etc!  The great thing about cycling, as opposed to my other hobbies, is that you can actually afford to buy the equipment!  (Yes, I know that $250 bib shorts sound outrageous, but compared to $250,000 speaker systems, they’re downright cheap!)

The other advantage of cycling equipment, in my opinion, is the better equipment has tangeable, measureable benefits.  Granted, spending $2,000 on wheels to save 3/4 lb in weight won’t automatically make you into Mark Cavendish.  But there is a definite, measurable weight savings, and you will notice a difference when riding.  Spending that amount on, say, speaker cables for your high-end audio system will likely not even be audible!  (Well, you’ll convince yourself that you can hear HUGE differences and will admonish your friends for not being able to, but the plain truth is that it’ll be mostly in your head!)

But I digress…  If you’re not an equipment geek like me, this site is designed to help you.  My goal is to make the equipment decisions as non-intimidating as possible!  Please click through the links on the pull-down menu and learn the basics of the major types of equipment.  And, as usual, I welcome your comments and suggestions!

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